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Posted on March 12, 2019
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Help build Masjid Udine in Italia. The land of the Pope and the Vatican. Sadaqah Jaariyah
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The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, Whoever builds a mosque for Allah, then Allah will build for him a similar house in Paradise.

Our final is to raise 10000 € for constructing the Islamic Cultural Center in Cosenza.

Muslims in Udine

  • Udine is the capital of Udine province which is in north-eastern Italy
  • Muslims community in this area have no Masjid. Therefore our project is the unique Islamic aggregation in this pivotal city.
  • The center currently exists within a small temporary building, doing the following tasks:
    ▪ Doing the five daily prayers and Friday prayer
    ▪ Teaching and memorization of Holy Quran
    ▪ Teaching Arabic language for children and adults

Serving Muslims

  • Your Muslim brothers in this city have an imperative need to establish Islamic center for teaching Quran, Arabic language and Islamic culture and to have a new center representing the Islam in the northeastern part of Italy.

Proposing a Balanced Path of Muslim Testimony in Italy

  • During the 20th century, the first Somali immigrants from Italian Somali land began to arrive. In more recent years, there has been migration from Albania, Morocco, Egypt, and Tunisia.
  • This new Islamic center will be the great mosque in Udine, holding all the five prayers especially on Friday, and the Islamic school.
  • The project will constitute from a large mosque accommodate about 600 worshipers in the ground floor and small part in the first floor accommodate about 200 women, in addition to Islamic school for teaching holy Quran and Arabic language, consists of three age levels and will accommodate about 100 students.

Protecting the Image of Islam in Italy

  • The construction of the Islamic Cultural Center in the city of Udine aims to spread Islam and to support Muslim minorities through the dissemination ofcultural events and linking Muslims to their religion and heritage, through the balanced Islamic education, also aims to show the true image of Islam and Muslims.

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Contact the administration for below if you have any questions:

Tel: (+39) 3661820164 (Centro)
Tel: (+39) 3899823104 (Abdelkarim) Tel: (+39)
3283844182 (Ahmed.imam)
C.F: 94133030307
Via Marano Lagunare 31, Udine 33100 – Italia

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